Week of Gratitude Day 1- Community

Posted on November 20, 2017
Too often we travel through life without recognizing the many blessings that we receive each and every day. We become so encumbered with our careers, appointments, volunteering and so on that we sometimes forget to stop and look at the truly wonderful things happening all around us. This week, lets start the tradition of opening our eyes to these blessings.
Today, we are grateful for our community. The location of our first office is in the Channel Islands Harbor Marine Emporium Landing mixed amongst several other businesses and across from Hollywood Beach. The surrounding businesses have welcomed us with open arms and continue to help us achieve our goals, wether it be referring us to a friend or family member of theirs or simply just letting us know that we left a light on. The neighbors have taken the time to stop by to welcome us and to see what we are all about. Many have become our biggest advocates often stopping by to drop off a homemade cake, invite us to lunch or see what new beverage we have on tap.
We are truly grateful to be welcomed whole-heartedly into this community. What are you grateful for today?