A Perfect Cup of Coffee - Why we don’t believe shortcuts make anything better.

Posted on September 29, 2017

In ancient times, many cultures considered hospitality not just a virtue, but a law. Strangers were welcomed, cared for, and protected. The host, no matter how high his status, would wash the feet of his guests--an act of service, humility, and reverence. 

At The Address, we believe in the power of hospitality to turn strangers into friends and to build connection and relationships. That’s why when you stop in to talk, we don’t just offer you some coffee from a pot that’s been sitting there for hours. We hand-brew a perfect cup, just for you.

You see, we believe that anything worth doing is worth doing right (and doing ourselves). Attention to detail and catering to our clients is paramount. Our agents don’t send an assistant for a cup of stale coffee; they brew your cup personally.

We take the time to make your cup of java. We don’t just measure out a scoop of coffee--we weigh the grounds to ensure we use the right amount every time. Water isn’t boiled--it’s heated to a perfect 205 degrees. We don’t throw everything in a coffeepot and push a button--we craft a perfect pour-over and brew our coffee slowly.

Is this a lot of trouble to go to for a cup of coffee? You bet. But you see, we don’t look at it as a simple cup of Joe.

That hand-crafted cup is a symbol of our dedication to our clients. It’s our way of offering hospitality to everyone who walks through our doors. And it’s a way of giving you just a taste of the over-the-top service you can expect whenever you work with us for your real estate sale or purchase.

It all starts with a perfect cup of coffee. Come on by, and sit down with us to enjoy one. Find out what a difference it makes to work with a real estate company that values you, your time, and the opportunity to be of service in every way.

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