Face Facts - Why face-to-face is better for real estate (and real estate clients)

Posted on July 15, 2017

If you have great news, bad news, or want to have a serious discussion, do you choose to do it over the phone? Over text or email? If you’re like most people, no matter how much you love the convenience of electronic communication, truly important moments require a little face time.

At The Address, we think your home purchase is top priority. We go the old-school route when it’s time to present an offer. Email doesn’t cut it. Your offer is so important, we believe it should be hand-delivered to the Listing Agent in-person.

Many agents have embraced technology to help streamline the real estate purchase process. That’s a great benefit in some areas, but it’s no substitute for real communication. And if there’s any part of the process of buying a home that requires real interaction, it’s the presentation of the offer itself!

Unfortunately in many brokerages, agents create an electronic offer and scan it over to the Listing Agent. No name, no return email address, no indication of who the offer is coming from or what home the offer is for until you open the attachment. Not only is this impersonal (and a little rude!), it’s inconvenient for the Listing Agent since they have to dig around for what house it’s for, and for contact info if they have a question.

Every offer is different, with many things to think about. Perhaps your agent wants to discuss comps and how they relate to the rationale of your offer. Maybe they want to give a personal snapshot of you and your family to make the offer hit home more with the sellers. A personal offer process can really help smooth the way, especially in a multiple offer situation.

It’s also just good practice for the two agents to get to know one another. After all, they’ll be working together through the initial offer, negotiations, home inspection, repair requests, appraisal, on and on, all the way to the closing table. Doesn’t it make sense that they should sit down one-on-one and make sure their working relationship starts on the right foot?

Don’t you find in your own life that you’re more understanding and cooperative when you know someone personally? An In-person offer means that when the Listing Agent is discussing your offer or your negotiation position, there’s a touch of personal added in. This can make a huge difference in how they present your offer to their clients.

Another big advantage of fellow real estate agents meeting and collaborating is that with every offer and minute of face time, they’re building their network of contacts and colleagues in the real estate industry.

How does that work to your advantage? It creates unparalleled opportunities, whether they’re reaching out for the perfect home in your target neighborhood or looking for a buyer when you’re ready to sell down the road. That investment of face time can pay dividends when a negotiation goes a little smoother, when an interaction is a little friendlier, or when a call is returned a little faster.

Find out what a difference an in-person offer process can make. If you’re thinking about buying, or just thinking ahead, let’s spend some time together talking about your real estate goals and how our personal service can help you achieve them.