The Key to Great Home Showings - Personal service means more than just hooking up a key box.

Posted on August 15, 2017

Think back to when you bought your house. Remember going with your Realtor to a showing? He or she probably wrestled with a key box, then struggled to get the door open (aren’t the locks always stuck?). You then probably spent some time looking for a light switch, then wandered rather aimlessly through the house, trying to figure out where some of the elements in the property description lived.

 It was probably too hot or too cold. There may have been a pet to deal with. You may have wondered how to get into the backyard or onto the deck. There may have been no way to see some parts of the house because there were insufficient showing instructions. All in all, the showing probably didn’t go very well. Or if it did, it might have been in spite of these difficulties.

At The Address, we think a big part of the problem with a scenario like that is traceable to that key box. You see, we believe that part of the job of a Listing Agent is to help sell the house. Crazy, right? In order to do that, our agents have to make sure that every showing goes the best it possibly can. 

That means rather than struggling with a key box, potential buyers are greeted upon arrival by the Listing Agent. It means that lights are on, the hot tub is bubbling, and the door to the pool deck is unlocked.

It also means that the best features of the house can be highlighted by the agent who knows it best. No potential Buyers wandering around opening doors and trying to figure out the layout. Your agent will be there to ensure that questions get answered, either on the spot or through friendly follow-up. 

In addition, it means that your agent will turn off those lights and make sure that the home is locked up tight when everyone leaves after the showing. No worries about a forgotten side garage entry door left open by an agent unfamiliar with the property.

We don’t believe in uncontrolled showings. Having an agent on site means that your home shows at its best, and that we can create the warmth and ambiance to help get it sold.

An on-site presence also means that comments and Buyer impressions are available to you as soon as possible. No waiting for a Sales Agent to call (or not) days later with vague impressions of what the client does or does not like about your home. Faster feedback means more targeted fixes, whether it focuses on price, condition, or location.

Multiple showings with no offers means that something is turning off potential Buyers. Most agents have one fix--lower the price. Because our agents are present at the showing, they get better insight into what Buyers are thinking about your home. That allows them to address Buyer objections more effectively, helping you to sell more quickly and for more money.

When you have a home for sale, every showing is exciting and important. Shouldn’t your agent treat it that way? Great service includes making sure that your home shines every time. A key box just can’t do that.

Find out what a difference personal, engaged real estate professionals can make in your home sale process. If you’re considering selling, come on in and sit down with us to discuss your plans. We’ll help you create a strategy that works; and rest assured, we’ll be truly present throughout the process. We’re not satisfied until we help you get to “sold.”