Follow the Signs - Why showcase the agent on a for-sale sign, when you can tout what really matters - the listing!

Posted on September 29, 2017

So much of the real estate business seems to be all about the agent. Everywhere from bus benches to business cards, you’ll find agents (usually in a blazer with their arms crossed) smiling out at you. Even on the for-sale sign in front of your home, most agents have their headshot prominently displayed, or the company name takes center stage.

But what are they really selling? For many real estate brokers, the point of the for-sale sign is to market themselves. That way, when a potential buyer calls, they can sell their real estate services as a Listing Agent.

At The Address, we believe the traditional real estate sign is passé. The focus of a home sale should be, well, the home! Buyers who come by should learn about its special features, and what it looks like inside from the sign, which makes our for-sale displays so different.

When we list your home, we create a custom sign just for your property featuring color photos and highlights. Whether the selling points are the gourmet kitchen, the outdoor living space, or the incredible view, potential Buyers will see these elements pictured on the sign outside your door. When people come by, they have a snapshot of what they need to consider the house and schedule a personal viewing.

But our customized signs go beyond the sign itself. The beautiful reclaimed wood we use for our signposts is way more attractive than the plastic sign holders most brokers use. The look is almost like a beautiful piece of outdoor furniture, enhancing the curb appeal of your house. We believe everything contributes to marketing your property, so each detail should be just right.

Now, the most impactful sign in the world won’t work if no one can see it. We include solar-powered cap lights and uplighting on each signpost as well. This ensures that if a potential buyer passes your property in the evening after work, they’ll be able to view the great photos and features on your custom sign, as well as contact information to set up a showing.

Is this a lot of time, effort, and expense to put into a sign? You bet. In fact, our signs are so unique, we have a patent pending on our innovative design, and are the only realtors who can say that! Your home sale may be one of the biggest financial transactions of your life, so it’s worth the extra care and attention.

This care comes through in the way we do business, from the first discussion about listing your house throughout the entire process, and all the way to the closing table. We showcase your house to sell instead of showcasing ourselves.

Details matter bigtime. Don’t you want this kind of custom, personalized service for your important asset? Let our agents wow you with exceptional engagement, communication and attentiveness. It makes all the difference.