Welcome Garry Eberhardt to The Address

Posted on June 26, 2017

We are so exticed to WELCOME Garry to The Address.  Garry is an amazing person and a great agent who cares about doing the best for his clients and providing them with a 1st class experience. Stop by and meet Garry at the office. He makes a great cup of coffee.  - Troy 

About Garry: 

After a decade serving as a firefighter and S.W.A.T. team medic in Fresno, Garry Eberhardt was ready for a career change. Wanting to spend more time with family and friends in his hometown of Oxnard, he took a cue from his mother -  a successful real estate broker - and got his license, spending the next few years learning from one of the world’s leading real estate brokerage firms.  Although the experience was instructive, he found the corporate culture lacking in heart and soul.

“I’m a people person by nature, and when I heard about The Address and their unique focus on clients and community, I wanted to be a part of it,” Garry said. Since joining the new brokerage, he’s helped coordinate a breakfast at the office for Wounded Warrior veterans and is looking forward to many upcoming events at their location in the Oxnard marina.

“It a very inviting environment that’s conducive to people stopping by for a coffee and just chatting,” he said of the office’s unique lounge setting and beverage bar.  “Plus, getting to work is part of the fun now.  As a resident of Hollywood Beach, I’ve swapped the car keys for a beach cruiser.”

The Oxnard native has a deep, locals-only knowledge of the three beach neighborhoods and surrounding marina, which is highly appreciated by his clientele.  When he’s not helping out at The Address, Garry can be found in and around the water, surfing or casting a line for the next big fish.