Nicole  Accetta

Realtor | DRE# 02110120

Nicole has always had a passion for luxury properties and refined beauty. Before age 25, she assisted in building 24 homes, and has continued to enjoy success in a field she loves. Over the years, Nicole has not only developed and built residential real estate, but also served as a private luxury vacation rental agent. She additionally invests in triple-net commercial income properties, medium income residential rental properties, and builds high-end modern real estate with a partner for both clients and their own portfolio.

Her expertise in managing, designing and funding builds has been focused mostly in Manhattan Beach, Palos Verdes, Miami Beach, as well as Vancouver B.C. Nicole’s natural transition to the brokerage world at The Address allows her to capitalize on her insider industry knowledge and help identify great primary home and investment opportunities for clients throughout Orange County, CA.

“Having been on the other end of the deal for so many years working with countless agents, I have a unique advantage of knowing what clients expect. I’ve expected a lot from my own agents, and so should you. I hold my integrity and work ethic in the highest regard, and specialize in adeptly problem-solving under pressure. For me it’s all about my client’s needs, and ensuring the optimal outcome.”

Nicole is very knowledgeable of valuation, pricing and investing, and protects every client’s financial best interest. She is willing and able to do more than most, going above and beyond in her quality of service. Trusting long-term professional relationships and referrals are what she works for, and deserves.

Born in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Nicole ambitiously came to the USA on her own with no family or connections, creating a solid path for herself. She has mainly lived in the South Bay. Alongside real estate, Nicole has created a meaningful side career in fine art. She specializes in oil on canvas and is grateful to have her art displayed in eight countries.


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